Heart O' Dixie Newsletter

January 2020

The purpose of our newsletter is to encourage information-sharing and provide a venue for you to share your thoughts about all things Porsche. By doing this, we get a chance to learn and to know each other a little better.

Initially, we will publish quarterly, with the first edition coming out on 1 April. I would like to invite each of you to think about providing content for the newsletter. What could that be? Almost anything having to do with you and your Porsche:

•   A trip you took;
•   A driver’s education course or training you completed;
•   Things you have learned being a Porsche owner;
•   How you take care of your car;
•   Technical tips that might be of interest to other owners;
•   If you’ve owned many Porsches, which one you like the most and why;
•   Great photos of your car;
•   Your favorite drive;
•   PDK or manual…which are you and why;
•   What you like most about your Porsche, or don’t like;
•   Trials and tribulations of being a Porsche owner;
•   Experiences on the road with your Porsche;
•   If you compete with your car in concours or races, how did that go.

You get the idea.

Lots of folks don’t like to write because it’s painful. Don’t worry about that. Give it your best shot, I’ll spiff it up and it’ll look great. The main thing is to share your experiences, thoughts and ideas with us. Here’s how:

Send your draft articles or your ideas for articles to me for editing and review at swwitt50@gmail.com . Please put “HOD Newsletter Input” in the subject line so I don’t lose it in my email stack. If you have any questions at all, just shoot me a note and we’ll figure it out.

Looking forward to hearing from you. I know there are a lot of you out there with great stories because I hear them at breakfasts and dinners all the time. Write! Short or long, just write!

Scott Witt, HOD Newsletter Editor

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