About our region

The Porsche Club of America (PCA) has 147 regional clubs promoting the interests of Porsche owners.  The Heart O’ Dixie Club, established in 1961, was the first Porsche Club in the state of Alabama.  We promote the enjoyment and fellowship associated with the use, maintenance, preservation, and demonstration of this unique marque by interchange with other PCA clubs, and by maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with our local dealer, Porsche of Huntsville.  Porsche is simplicity on the outside and excitement on the inside—about how the car drives, how it corners, not just how it looks.  Porsche is about technology and advancing the state of the art, about the engine and handling; it’s about performance.  We agree with Ferry Porsche, that “Porsches are meant to be driven, and driven hard, not stored for show,” and that, “You can’t tell what makes a Porsche special by driving it around the block!”

Over the last sixty years Porsche’s image signals to the world that Porsche owners are probably very good drivers (potentially as good as professional racing drivers), and we are young at heart and cool in character and that above all else, we have taste and style and an appreciation for the finer things in life!  We prefer to believe it’s all true!  Our club can help you improve your driving skills through participation in PCA Driver’s Education events and we sponsor our own DE every spring at the Talladega Grand Prix Raceway.  Last year, 14 percent of our members participated as instructors, students, and workers.

The more you drive your Porsche, the more special it becomes, and there is a framework of club activities scheduled to promote your Porsche enjoyment.  It doesn’t matter what kind of perfection you’re chasing.  Porsche geekdom is one religion with many denominations: club racing, driver’s education, autocrossing, rallying, touring, preservation, concours, and socialization.  Many of these activities are scheduled each month and our club has regular participants.  We can also help you understand the operation of your Porsche through our tech sessions, member information interchange, and technical assistance.  Another club benefit is the 10 percent discount offered on parts and service by Porsche of Huntsville.

Our club members enjoy the full variety of Porsches produced over the last 60 years, from the 356s to the latest 991s and all inclusive models.  Regardless of your Porsche pursuit, there’s probably another club member that has already tried the endeavor and is very excited to share their experiences.  In addition to the PCA Panorama national magazine, our club is in regular communication and fellowship with the members of the Tennessee and Musik Stadt Regions in Chattanooga and Nashville, the Peachstate Region in Atlanta, and the Alabama Region in Birmingham—we regularly participate in their DEs, tours, and festivals.  Our weekly emails and postings have a circulation in excess of 1,300 members.  Porsche owners are a closely knit group of enthusiasts!

To get the most enjoyment out of your new Porsche, you need to drive it and share your experiences with other Porsche owners.  Our club gives you many opportunities to do that with our monthly breakfasts and dinners; monthly driving tours; annual DE, tech session and Christmas party; and participation in other regions’ events.  Of course our greatest Porsche event, and quite possibly the greatest automotive week of your life, is the annual Porsche Parade and many of us make that annual pilgrimage.  Welcome to the Club!

Jim Cambron
President, Heart O’ Dixie Region
Porsche Club of America