HOD Member Article Archive

These articles were all posted prior to the site update in March of 2024. New member articles will be posted in our continually updated blog. Enjoy!

Below you will find articles written by our members. Most of them have appeared in our Das Herz von Dixie newsletter at one time or another. We list them here so you won’t have to go through all the newsletters to hunt them down if you want to refresh yourself on what you read.

Restoration of my 1964 356SC – by Jim Farrell

Concours the Easy Way – by Lee Fowler

Competition? No, It’s just Track Fellowship! – by Jim Cambron

First Concours – by Nancy Corbeille

How My Husband Convinced Me to add a Porsche to Our Household – by Karen Trevey

Porsche Sport Driving School – by Scott Witt

PCA Club Race: Road Atlanta 12-14-April 2019 – by Joe Still

The Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama – by Gil Ferguson

Radar Detectors – by Scott Witt

The Making of a Supreme Curmudgeon – by Lee Fowler

The Last Porsche 944 in E-Street Autocross – Part I – by Ed Fisher

The Last Porsche 944 in E-Street Autocross – Part II – by Ed Fisher

Uber Region Fest – by Dave Schroetter

Buyer Beware – by Gil Ferguson

New Adventures in Racing – by Joe Still

Tail of the Dragon Tour – by Lee Fowler

Treffen Vermont – by Rich Corbeille

Trip to the Farm – by Lee Fowler

COTA 2020 Club Race Report – by Joe Still

Porsche Garage Whimsy – by Dave Schroetter

WinterFest 2020 – by Lee Fowler

Patriots, a Porsche, and the Soviets – by Jeff Souder

Road Trip: Macan S – by Scott Witt

Ceramic Coating – by Lee Fowler

2020 Wrap-up and Carrera Cup First Race, March 17-19 2021 – by Joe Still

The Minefield of Automotive Lug Nuts – by Ed Fisher

Spring Thing 2021 – by Lee Fowler

Rainy Day in Huntsville – by Nancy Corbeille

COVID Escape Trip – by Bill Mitchell

What’s it like to live with an electric Porsche? – by Rae Millin

Planning and Leading a Porsche Club Driving Tour – by Ed Stone

My Year in Porsche Carrera Cup – by Joe Still

Heart O’ Dixie Club History – by Jim Cambron

Visit to Amelia Island Werks Reunion – by Dave Schroetter

Spring Thing 2022 – by Lee Fowler

Where is Sparky? – by Beth and Regan Carlile

Parade in the Poconos Competitions – by Jim Cambron

RennFest 2022 – by Lee Fowler

The Long Way to My New Porsche – by Scott Millhouse

Autocrossing Five Mid-engined Porsches – by Ed Fisher, Jr.

The Porsche 718 Spyder got Spanked by GT3s at Barber – by Jim Cambron

Spring Thing 2023 – by Lee Fowler

The Rolex 24 at Daytona – by Gil Ferguson

Eight Points on One Page to Help Prevent Lokasil Bore Scoring – by Ed Fisher

Our Porsche History – by Lee Fowler

Memorable Porsche Moments – by Gil Ferguson

Spring 2023 Treffen in the Georgia Mountains – by Greg Bayuga

Pathway to Motorsport and Instructing – by Chris Cundiff

The Things You See in Texas When You Aren’t Looking – by Robert Mosely, Maverick Region

Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance – by Lee Fowler

To DIY or Not to DIY – by Jack Harding